Nigeria Energy Awards

Nigeria Energy Awards

October 9, 2021 12:00 am


The Nigeria Energy Awards is an annual event held in Nigeria with the sole purpose of honoring achievers and celebrating the numerous contributions of the energy stakeholders as well as promoting energy efficiency.


The Nigeria Energy Awards aims to promote and recognize achievements in the area of green economy, sustainability and energy efficiency.  It as well serves the purpose of letting others know the importance of saving our planet, as part of an on-going commitment to encourage Green initiatives and Investments in Nigeria. Each year the Local Organizing committee of Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo (NAEE), in conjunction with Africa Sustainable Energy Association, SEPAN, and sponsors host the Award ceremonies in celebration and recognition of the achievements of individuals, organizations, academia, corporate sectors and governments. NEA recognizes excellence in the areas of commercial, industrial, residential community engagement, media, government, energy efficiency awareness, innovation, technical and media. We believe that our commitment to acknowledging their achievements is crucial to the future of Nigeria energy and climate change.


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Nigeria Energy Awards recognize outstanding innovation in sustainable energy and renewables. For over 10 years, Nigeria Energy Awards has championed the recognition and promotion of innovative solutions and business models from across the country to address the dual objectives of shared prosperity and safeguarding the environment.