About NEA

Nigeria Energy Awards recognize outstanding innovation in sustainable energy and renewables. For over 10 years, Nigeria Energy Awards has championed the recognition and promotion of innovative solutions and business models from across the country to address the dual objectives of shared prosperity and safeguarding the environment. NEA is a forum for ecological change to foster awareness about the good sense of sustainable action.

Nominees/finalists are chosen from a shortlist of the year’s most successful projects for clean, secure, and efficient energy. The Awards highlight new ways to shape Nigeria’s energy future

Award of Excellence -Mini Grid,
Award of Excellence – C&I,
Award of Excellence – Residential,
Award of Excellence – Education,
Award of Excellence -Solar Home Systems
Award of Excellence – HealthCare
Life Time Achievement Award
Deal of the Year Award
Energy Campaign of the Year Award
Energy Consumer Award
Sustainability Award
Energy Construction of the Year Award
Energy Engineering Solution of the Year Award
Emerging Technology of the Year Award
Commercial Technology of the Year Award,
Climate leader Award Year